Recently, I started to be interested in video as well. It can show more emotion than photography but it is also such a great challenge for me since editing video is completely different from editing photos. Here I listed some of my videos that I have done or have been part of the creative team.

Travel agency destination videos

Currently I work with Czech travel agency Go2 on creating videos with tips and tricks about each of their destination. Click on their logo to go to the gallery of these videos.

Short document – „Maybe one day“

This document was created in a university course. It is short document about what it takes to be an Instagram influencer in the Czech Republic, starring influencer Mei Kratochvílová and Lafluence agency CEO Peter Varga.


Tutorial – Smoothie

This tutorial was created in a university course. We were supposed to direct and film a tutorial, so we chose to create a fruit smoothie.


Southwest USA roadtrip

This video was created for a university class. I created short infographic about my trip around Southwest USA with my mom. I created all the graphics and photos used in this video and edited it with Adobe After Effects.


Short intro edit

This video was created in a university class. It is just a short edit in a style of youtube intro of my logo.


Trailer edit – The Jedward Saga

This video is a short trailer style edit of movies from The Twilight Saga. It was created in a university course about gender and fandom to play with alternative storylines and possible queeriness of the characters. We used only the footage from the movies, I created the concept and did the editing.